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Invitation for Manuscripts - Reach New Readers

With so many forms of publishing out there, there is a growing need to make an informed decision. And we are here to help you do just that.

We are OPEN to Submissions

The first mode is the Traditional Publishing Mode. This is where you submit your manuscripts to agents/publishers and wait for long time periods to get an approval and get the book out in the market. This mode is cost-free (or should be) at the author's end. All the pre-production and post-production expenses are taken care of by the publisher. This mode also opens an author up to expansive distribution. Where the pros exists, cons do also. In this mode, an author has no inputs in the process, except when asked (which is mostly during editing and cover design stages of the manuscript). An author has no freedom whatsoever in managing the process and production. And also the royalties you get paid are a pittance, unless you are a celebrity author.

The next one is the Self-publishing Mode. This is where you publish on your own. Here, the Author is the Publisher. This means he/she is expected to pay for the pre-production and post-production processes like editing, cover design, printing books etc. Due to the escalating costs, people either do only digital books or do print on demand. Here, an author truly needs to think like an authorpreneur. However, the author loses out on any marketing and distribution support, though the scenario is changing day by day. The royalties are much better compared to the traditional mode, but it can be a more difficult climb.

Where one and the two are, there can also be a third. And that is the hybrid mode. This mode is slowly catching up. It has the benefits of the both the modes described above. Apart from the ebooks now, writers have now been opened to another world through mobile publishing platforms like Readify. This platform usually works on the traditional model but for books available digitally and mostly through mobile applications.

Pen Paper Coffee has tied up with a company named Readify and we are keen on representing authors to the best of potential. If you have a manuscript ready in hand or are willing to write one for us, feel free to send them to We are free to answer any queries/doubts you may have in the process as well.

Readify is a digital imprint of Hungry Ogre Technologies Pvt Ltd., based out of Pune. The app is under production right now and will soon be available on Android, iOS, and various tabs.

With this mobile publishing platform, you as an author can reach out to thousands of users.

To submit to Readify: 1. If you are willing to write for Readify, we would like a two page synopsis detailing your story and character bios. Also, we will need to know the time you will take to write such a manuscript. Remember that your work should be of 35k-40k words at best. However, you may indulge in a full novel. 2. If you already have a manuscript, all you need to do is send the first three chapters of your MSS and a two page synopsis detailing your story to We will ask for the full MSS only if we like the style and the narrative of the writeup.

So what are you waiting for? Keep sending those books you have penned down and lets hope that one day your book will see the light of day, reaching out to those millions of readers that you have always dreamed of.


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