My book I See You was edited by PPC. I cannot thank them enough for their in-depth and meticulous work. They tore my book down and built it up again, piece by piece, brick by brick, making it a brand new and beautiful product while retaining its soul. I would definitely use their services again.

Aindrila Roy

Columbus, Ohio

It was from a writer friend that I first heard about Pen Paper Coffee. The fact that prompted me to approach them with my manuscript was that it was an editing firm helmed by established writers. Any aspiring author would be wary of the service an editor provides. Inevitable worries are bound to creep in, especially concerning the extent of editing that would go in. I personally hoped for the original version of my manuscript to be preserved albeit with essential changes, that would serve to polish my work and heighten its beauty. The work being my debut solo venture, I was ignorant of the many subtleties that ought to go into the making of a fine fiction. Being able to write is one thing and being able to author a book is undoubtedly another. I learnt, rather I was taught, directly and indirectly by the team at PPC the nuances of writing a good piece of fiction. It wouldn't get any better than the concept of an editor and writer working in unison. Truly, this was the case with PPC. I was made to work on my manuscript and rewrite parts which lacked lustre. The process was active and surprisingly, it helped me gather a reassuring feeling in the end that I could better my work if guided in the right direction.

I worked with Varun and I would at this point, extend my deep felt gratitude to him for the sheer amount of time he put into my manuscript. Thanks to Neil D’Silva too for this amazing venture. I am urged by my experience to recommend PPC to aspiring authors out there who would want their manuscripts to be sculptured professionally before self-publishing it or before submitting it for consideration by traditional publishers. Looking forward to working with the team again, hopefully for my next manuscript.


Maliny Mohan

Kerala, India

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