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Pen Paper Coffee is a pre-publishing service formed by two published authors, Neil D'Silva and Varun Prabhu. It aspires to provide quality services and aims to help authors perfect their craft so they can pitch polished manuscripts to agents/publishers or publish them. Other than editing and proofreading, it is also involved in services like ghostwriting, content creation and rewriting. 


Pen Paper Coffee was founded out of a need to help authors put the best manuscripts out there. Due to the rise of many forms of publishing, book publishing has become relatively simpler. The ease and the speed with which the books can be published nowadays has resulted in a lot of people wanting to write and get their novels out into the market. However, with this surfaced people's negligence towards the editing process. Pen Paper Coffee was founded to help authors put out their best manuscripts out there, polishing it and at the same time, helping writers perfect their craft. 


Along with editing and proofreading, we know that authors face several hurdles in reaching their goals. Pen Paper Coffee intends to serve in these areas as well. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a one-stop shop for your books.

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